Hello and welcome to my website! These are my games until now. All sex scenes are fully animated. Topics and fetishes vary, because usually I create what I want.


This is my original idea for a game. It started because I grew bored of games that basically have the same setup: the american college dorm/house.

The story is about a young guy (you), born in USSR, but raised in the US by only your father. Due to some unfortunate mishap you are forced to run away back where you were born. Meet the landlady and her daughters and try to make a living there. The story is a drama full of twists, revenge and corruption.

Genre: landlady, milf, hijab, ethnic women, scrawny MC, corruption, trick and deceive, soviet themed. This game has no NTR.

Status: 3 Episodes planned. Ep. 1 & 2 are already available on Steam. The final episode 3 is going to be available in spring next year.

President Evil

Find your escape from an Eastern European village by persuading the village's President.

This is a mini game made for the fans of Lady Dimitrescu. Game is constantly updated adding new animations. Once bought the updates are FREE.

Genre: parody, supernatural, rule34, short game, quick stimulus. This game has no NTR.

Status: Finished. Getting only new sex animations from time to time.

Warning! Adult themes ahead!


Disclaimer: This site contains adult themed fiction and explicit nude art. Do not enter if you are under 18 or if you are easily offended.